Baku's Range of Medieval Jewellery.

In the `middle ages' England was a country split by feudal war lords and very little is known in detail about this period. In France however, the begininings of a culture that was to last for 2 decades were stirring when the `Visigoth hordes' were finally driven from the country by the Emperor Charlemagne having continued the work of his father, Clovis. Charlemagne divided western Europe between his three sons, and relative peace was established.

As so often happens in history, peace brought forth art , culture and learning. Warriors and noblemen needed fine boxes in which to keep their treasures, decoration of their sword scabbards and garments, and of course beautiful objects for their friends and families.

Baku researched museums in Stasbourg and Lyons, as well as libraries concerned with historical ornaments. The essence of carolingian art is a melange of techniques gathered from a variety of cultures of the period, but the use of metals both brass and gold combined with semiprecious stones and coloured glass. We have used both gold and silver plate combined with hand enamelling to re- create the wonderful styles of the period.

We have made earrings, pendants, and a hairclip to interest you in this rather forgotten but beautiful period in Europe's history.

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